Beard of Zeus, Nectar of the gods

If in the Greek tradition we consider Zeus to be the “Father of Gods and Men,” then his beard is surely the father of mere mortal brewers’ beards across the planet.  Flowing within its tendrils, Zeus guards the secrets of this India Pale Lager in his mighty facial coif.  Once a year, with a rumble of thunder and a bolt of lightning, Zeus bestows upon the bearded brewers of Short’s the recipe for this herculean brew.

Beard of Zeus (4.5 % ABV, 70 IBU) is a super hoppy India style Pale Lager. In the original recipe, we heavily hopped the final runnings of a Peaches and Créme batch with Zeus hops and then lagered it. Small amounts of bitter orange peel was added to provide subtle sweet flavors to the beer and enhance the aromas of the Zeus hops.

So the next time you’re soaked by a  torrential down pour or startled by a clash of lightning, remember to look up to the sky and thank Zeus for his indomitable beard and mighty brew.  Zeus commands you drink this brew.  Pick up your six pack of bearded glory on shelves this week.