You better RUN to Bellaire for a bottle of this Sour Stout

You better RUN to Bellaire for a bottle of this Sour Stout! RUN, the first Private Stache brew of 2017 is now officially available. With a complex flavor profile full of twists and turns, this Sour Stout is as mind bending as Eleven’s psychokinetic powers.

RUN (11% ABV – 8 IBU) is a Sour Stout aged in a mix of Two James Rye Whiskey barrels and Madeira casks and fermented with dried orange and dried local cherry. Pitch black with a mocha colored head, RUN smells of sour orange, cherry, and chocolate. At first taste this brew has a mouth puckering sour flavor followed by notes of chocolate and sour fruit. This full-bodied Sour Stout ends with slight oak and whiskey notes followed by a finish that is slightly sweet and acidic.

On sale only at the pub and and Short’s Mart in Bellaire, MI, RUN is available in very limited quantities on tap and in 500 mL bottles ($11.99). To the best of our knowledge, there’s no portal to an alternate universe in Bellaire. So A) we don’t have any Demogorgons within city limits (unless it’s D&D night) and B) there isn’t a place to stow away any bottles of this beauty in the Upside Down. So make the trip out to see us for a bottle. We’re pretty sure they even have Eggo waffles at the Bellaire Family Fare…