From the tree, to the tank, to the barrel, Bourbon Barrel Aged Black Cherry Porter is here!

While beers may come and go from our ever-rotating portfolio, others have stood the test of time and continue to reappear on taps at pubs or as bottles on the shelf. With the first concept notes dating all the way back to 2004, Black Cherry Porter paid homage to our state’s unofficial fruit of choice in a unique way. The traditional Porter flavors of rich chocolate and roasted coffee complemented our regional dark sweet cherry, and soon a fan favorite at the pub was born. This year, we’re taking this preferred specialty to a new level by lovingly aging it is barrels for 9 months before sharing it with you.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Black Cherry Porter is Short’s Black Cherry Porter aged in bourbon barrels for 9 months. This Short’s brew is fermented with Northern Michigan sweet black cherries and eight different malts. Combined, the ingredients provide the deep radiant flavor profile and create the dark opaque color. A slight purple lace from the fruit puree enticingly leads into smooth soft hints of roasted chocolate and pleasurable black cherry and bourbon flavors.

A beer this special, potent, and flavorful deserves a little something extra in the packaging department. The final 22 oz. Elk Rapids Bomber Series beer of 2017, this brew is our ideal blend of fruit, chocolate, coffee, and oaky bourbon flavors to welcome fall. Limited bottles will be available at the pub starting now, and distributed throughout the mitten this week. Pick one up, pop it open with friends, and savor the complex flavors of this barrel aged delight!