Huma intensified by bourbon barrels

You all know we love a good Hump Day Huma, but sometimes we take it to the next level. Like last week when Joe served Bourbon Barrel Aged Huma Lupa Licious direct from the barrel. We don’t like to play favorites with happy hours, they’re all so happy after all, but this one was pretty on point. Unfortunately, you weren’t all able to join us, so this week we’re sharing the Bourbon Huma with you throughout Michigan!

Bourbon Barrel Aged Huma Lupa Licious is our best-selling American India Pale Ale aged in bourbon barrels. Initial malt sweetness is replaced with flavors of charred oak and sweet vanilla, followed by the standard Huma hop punch to the palate. This new combination creates the sensation of sipping on a sweet Bourbon that finishes like a bitter hop theme park in your mouth.

Find limited 22 oz. bombers on Michigan store shelves this week, and enjoy your own Bourbon Huma in the comfort of your own home!