Possess the Power of the Wizard with this Private Stache Release

We’re throwing this #PrivateStache way back — we took the recipe of the first Barleywine we ever brewed here at Short’s, The Wizard, and threw it into some barrels for a whole year! Today we release bottles of Bourbon Wizard exclusively at Short’s Mart. Originally inspired by and named after one of our long-time employees, Steve-O, this brew is a BIG one — with flavors of caramel, toffee, vanilla, and charred oak. This barrel aged Barleywine is the perfect beer to share with friends around a bonfire.

Bourbon Wizard (14.7% ABV – 48 IBU) is a barrel aged Barleywine with a monstrous malt bill and a boil time of 6 hours and 66 minutes creating a full-bodied deep, dark amber behemoth with high residual malty sweetness of caramel and toffee. These colossal flavors are then magnified by ample additions of raisins during fermentation. A year’s worth of bourbon barrel aging imparts favorable complements of vanilla and charred oak, adding to this palate impacting experience.