Paddling to a Store Near You, Carob Stout

Carob_Stout_instagram_readyMany years ago a small explorer traveled deep into the forest in search of a sweet tasting addition for his latest beer. You see this explorer was a brewer by trade and an explorer by necessity, he saw it as his mission in life to bring back the tastiest of ingredients to brew his scrumptious beers.

One day, while the explorer was paddling through the untamed wild, his canoe sprung a leak and he was forced to abandon ship. Far from home and any sign of civilization, our tiny explorer searched for a make ship vessel. He scoured the river bank and the bases of trees. He even attempted to climb a small sapling but was unable to scale its slick surface as rain began to soak the forest. Resting against a pebble and contemplating his last meal, our forlorn explorer was almost squashed by a falling brown pod! Six times the size of the little man, he thought, “How lucky I am! This falling pod will be my salvation!”

As the sun came up and bathed the riverbank in a warm, dry heat, our explorer wasted no time and set to work hollowing out his makeshift canoe. He removed dark brown seeds and pulp and left these contents of the pod on the shore. As the canoe was hollowed, the explorer was reminded of his hunger by the pit in his stomach and the sweet smell coming from the innards of the pod. He wondered, dare he try it?

As his hunger practically consumed him (it’s hard work hollowing out a makeshift canoe), he made the decision to try some of the dry pulp from the pod. As he slowly nibbled the pith he was shocked – this substance tasted almost exactly like chocolate! With one twist of fate, our explorer not only made a new vessel, but found a new ingredient for his beer, and he would call this new ingredient, Carob!

Carob Stout (6.4% ABV – 92 IBU) is a big bodied stout that receives its distinguishable flavor characteristics from the substantial use of roasted malt, dark specialty grains and ground carob. Cocoa and chocolate-like aromas penetrate from the black depths of this alluring ale. Robust flavors of roasted black coffee mix with the abundant, rich chocolate qualities. As it warms, an ample bitterness from the dark roasted specialty grains and high alpha hops intensifies. The finish is dry on the palate.

Paddling to a store near you, Carob Stout will be on shelves statewide, this week.