Celebrate the Past, Present, and Future with Anniversary Ale

You may have heard, this past weekend we celebrated our birthday with an epic Eleven Year Anniversary Extravaganza in the streets of our hometown, Bellaire, Michigan. It’s a time for staff, friends, and fans to gather and raise a glass to the past, present, and future of our brewery. A brewery that was nothing but a dream of a young man, some 11 years ago.

Again this year, we’re extending the celebration to all of you with the statewide distribution of our Anniversary Ale, a high-gravity Wheat Wine made with blood oranges.

Anniversary Ale (9.3% ABV – 63 IBU) is a high-gravity Wheat Wine made with blood oranges. Flavors range from the spiciness of green peppercorns to the tang of blood orange zest. Aggressive dry hopping of Simcoe hops amplifies the citrus overtones and spiciness found throughout the beer. Anniversary Ale typifies Short’s Brewing Company by embodying all of the complexities that come along with another year of brewing.

At last year’s Anni party we looked back at 10 years of beer brewed in Northern Michigan by people who care and this year’s party was all about looking toward the future of brewing in Bellaire and Elk Rapids. While we like looking backward and forward, we’re happy to say this beer can be a part of your present! Anniversary Ale will be on store shelves for a limited time beginning this week, statewide. So grab a six-pack (before they’re gone), give us a virtual cheers, and as Joe would say, “Keep the power of love strong everyone!”