Cerveza Means Beer

Cerveza De Julie 12 x 12 sign (12)Sometimes, inspiration for Short’s Brews come from outside our walls. In 2012 when Head Brewer Tony’s wife asked for an easy-drinking beer with lime, Tony responded with an emphatic “Yes, Darling”. Julie asks and the state of Michigan benefits. This week, beer retailers statewide will be receiving shipments of bottled Cerveza de Julie for the first time ever.

Cerveza de Julie (5% ABV, 27 IBU) is a pale yellow Mexican lager brewed with real lime. Delicate yeasty esters gather quickly from the ample amount of carbonation breaking out of this light-bodied beer style, complemented by light fruity aromas. Soft grain sweetness is enhanced by unobtrusive lime qualities that shift toward a snappy citrus tartness, turning mildly bitter before a crisp, clean and refreshing finish.

Cerveza de Crut