Chatterbox: The Talk of the Town

ChatterboxNew Year. New Beers! January 2014 has brought with it a very pleasant companion in the start of the Short’s Rotating Pale Ale Program. Those who follow Short’s closely will know that it’s a very special occasion for us to release the extremely versatile and quintessential pale ale (besides the longtime favorite Pandemonium). The very first pale ale to make its three month Michigan debut is on shelves statewide now: Chatterbox!

Inviting hop aromas of sweet orange and tangerine emit from this light copper colored American Pale Ale. A balanced presentation of light toasted malt and fruity hop flavors lead into a sufficiently bold bitterness. Slight hoppy characteristics resonate in the finish, creating a very subtle dryness. True to pale ale style, Chatterbox (6.0% ABV, 65 IBU) is the perfect beer for many occasions and many craft beer palates.

Chatterbox was first let loose into the wild of the Short’s brewpub in June 2013 and was met with enough fanfare to inspire its bottling a short seven months later. Available from January-March, be sure to grab your six pack early so that you’re able to enjoy one of your new favorite Short’s mainstays all season long!

Chatterbox - med

Editor’s Note: Alternate Cheesy Titles
Chatterbox just, you know, speaks to me.
Chatterbox: Something to Talk About