Chitter, Chatter, Chatterbox

We’ve been feeling the chill statewide this week, with mother nature cloaking the mitten in a blanket of ice and snow. As beautiful as our winter wonderland truly is, it’s been so cold this week that our skis are on strike and our snowshoes refuse to take even one more step in these arctic temperatures. When we do venture out, it only takes a few minutes before we begin to shiver and quiver inside our parkas and the distinct clatter of teeth chattering can be detected beneath our hats, hoods and scarves.

With temperatures dropping to a frigid -22 degrees Fahrenheit last evening in Antrim county, the trembling of our jaws has only intensified. And as an ode to this age old phenomenon, we find it only fitting that today we release our latest Seasonal Pale Ale, Chatterbox.

Chatterbox (6% ABV – 65 IBU) is an American Pale Ale that has inviting hop aromas of sweet orange and tangerine. A balanced presentation of light toasted malt and fruity hop flavors lead into a bold bitterness. Chatterbox’s hoppy characteristics resonate in the finish, creating a very subtle dryness.

It’s never too cold for a quick trip to the store, so warm up your car and head out to your favorite shop. Chatterbox is warming up shelves across the state.