Cinnabilly: Liquid Cinnamon Rolls

Spring has finally sprung here in Northern Michigan. What better way to celebrate than by raising a pint to the Ziegenbock (that’s German for Billy Goat, and your dose of culture for the day). Doppelbock, a stronger version of traditional bock that was first brewed in Munich by the Paulaner monks, is also known as “liquid bread.” We at Short’s say, why have bread when you can have cinnamon rolls?!

Cinnabilly (7% ABV, 30 IBU) is a cinnamon doppelbock that will have your taste buds dancing. It is appealing at first sight and first scent. This clear caramel colored gem emits a soft potpourri of cinnamon sticks and brown sugar, with hints of vanilla. Sweet malt flavors allow for an array of sensations ranging from toasted almonds to spiced bread to cinnamon graham crackers. The pleasant addition of cinnamon forms wonderful accents throughout that are never overwhelming, but always complementing from start to finish.

Our doppelbock hits shelves today (6/9)! Make sure to pick up your 6-pack soon. As with most of our specialties, they will fly off the shelves fast as you can say Zimt!

Cinnabilly 12 x 12 Print (20)