In honor of The Short’s Anni Party XII we decided to do something a little different. To commemorate Vulfpeck’s return to the big stage in downtown Bellaire, we’ve decided to bring you the funkiest of beer collaborations, Compression.

In the words of Theo Katzman, the band desired “a funky sour that kwenchs Katzman’s desire for a mouth-crushing barnyard blanket to the face, WHILST maintaining a sweetness akin to the Stratton-Satisfying Soft Parade, simultaneously capturing a yearning that wets Willia’s whiskey wishes, and yet has an overall drinkability that Dean’s discerning palette can simply not deny.” Always up for a challenge, our brewers have created the ultimate American Sour Ale.

Compression (7.4% ABV – 11 IBU) is an American Sour Ale made from a blend of four rare Short’s brews: an Oud Bruin with plums aged in red wine barrels, a Sour American Brown Ale aged in red wine barrels, a Belgian Sour Wheat Ale made with blackberries aged in Sauvignon Blanc barrels, and a Sour Stout aged in bourbon barrels. This beer has been brewed in collaboration with the band,Vulfpeck.

Almost mahogany in color, this Sour Ale has a very complex nose with scents of tart, acidic fruit and a roast. Like the aroma, the flavors of this beer are intricate. Upon first sip, the characteristics of each blended beer are noticeable. A fruit sweetness is provided by the Oud Bruin and Belgian Sour Wheat Ale while oak and bourbon flavors have been imparted by the addition of barrel aged brews. The flavors of the Sour Stout shine in the finish which is dry and roasty with just a hint of bourbon.

Brewed exclusively for our 12th anniversary and packaged in 500 mL bottles, Compression will be sold at The Short’s Anni Party XII today, April 30th,  in downtown Bellaire. Party attendees, put some in your pocket for later and remember to keep it funky!