Lip puckering, mouth-watering Critterless is here!

Are you ready for your lips to pucker and your mouth to water? Back by popular demand and much anticipated, Critterless is finally returning to Michigan store shelves, and for the first time ever headed out to the Great Lakes Region.

Critterless (8.6% ABV – 5 IBU) is an American Sour Ale brewed with mango and cherry. The beer has a pinkish hue and pours with a small white head. The ale’s initial flavors of mouth puckering tartness fade into a pleasant sweetness that is accompanied by aromas of ripe fruit. Critterless finishes dry with a hint of rye spice.

So whether you enjoy the Critterless by yourself, or share it with friends, it’s sure to be an alluring brew. Look for six packs of this beer to head to store shelves in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Wisconsin over the next few weeks, and enjoy the tart flavors of the Critterless.