ERMAGERD! ERMAGERDNESS is back in bottles!

ERMAGERDNESS (5.5% ABV – 84 IBU) is a light-bodied, golden-colored American India Pale Ale with zesty tangerine and pineapple aromatics.  A simplified malt bill, along with some signature American hops, allows for an awesome burst of tropical fruit flavors up front.  It then shifts toward an interesting herbal tasting bitterness, which builds and lingers on the back of the palate.

Originally envisioned by Al Russell (our friend and former SBC Production Brewer), Al sought to create a hop forward American India Pale Ale reminiscent of some of his favorite brews. While the name ERMAGERDNESS may have only been a placeholder, it ended up really encapsulating just what we thought of the awesome flavors encapsulated in this brew.  We guarantee, just one sip of this tropical fruit filled AIPA will make you scream “ermagerdness!”*

Available only in Michigan this year, Ermagerdness hits store shelves and taps today! Find this American IPA at your favorite craft beverage purveyor this week or risk missing out on it’s awesomeness. Did we mention, it’s best enjoyed with a copy of your favorite throwback Goosebumps story?