Extreme Beer Fest 2011 Update #1: Short’s Loves Boston!

We have been humbled and amazed by our reception at this weekend’s Extreme Beer Fest in Boston! When we travel around the country to attend events celebrating the best and most envelope-pushing beers in the land, we’re always amazed at what a great community of people craft beer bring together, including other brewers and the fans of great beer.

We will continue to update you on EBF over the next couple of days. Yesterday, (Friday) we went on a tour at Sam Adams, and being total beer geeks, got lost at the back of the pack. Sam Adams brewer Bob Canon saw us, recognized us, and invited us to crack open some specialty beers with him! Needless to say, it was an incredible experience!

The EBF is going very well for us. The beer advocate forums are bustling with feedback about our beer, like “Shorts, as always, is bringing their A-Game…,” “Shorts looks amazing again this year….,” and, “[a]s always, Short’s. They seem to enjoy EBF so much – why don’t they just come to MA already? 🙂 ”

It’s so fun to bring our beer to people who appreciate our efforts! Thanks again, Boston!

-SBC Brewing Staff