Filled with a large amount of raspberries, FLOAD is here!

We’re getting a little darker with this next American Sour release. While some sours are light, summery, and crushable, it’s the time of year where we need a little more roast and toast in our beers. These needs are being satisfied with our latest release, FLOAD!

FLOAD (8.9% ABV – 12 TA) is a Dark American Sour Ale brewed with raspberries. Very dark in color with a red hue and mauve head, this beer smells of fresh fruit, sour raspberries, and a hint of chocolate. Leading with an intense raspberry tartness, FLOAD is complemented with a light chocolate malty backbone. The finish is dry with lingering sourness.

Rounding out 2017 as our last sour release of the year, FLOAD is just the beer to bring to your holiday gatherings if you’re looking for something outside of the hops and stouts. Look for FLOAD on store shelves throughout the Great Lakes Region starting now, and pick up a six pack before it’s gone to make room for the tasty sour beers of 2018!