Here’s something sour to sip in the snow

All of this snow has us craving something sour and strong. Behold the return of FLOAD. This Dark American Sour Ale is bursting with intense raspberry tartness and a hint of chocolate. FLOAD will make you pucker and warm you from the inside out!

FLOAD (8.9% ABV – 10 IBU – 12 TA) is a Dark American Sour Ale brewed with raspberries. Very dark in color with a red hue and mauve head, this beer smells of fresh fruit, sour raspberries, and a hint of chocolate. Leading with an intense raspberry tartness, FLOAD is complemented with a light chocolate malty backbone. The finish is dry with lingering sourness.

Flavor Profile
Aroma – Fresh, sour raspberries
Malt – Light, chocolatey
Hops – N/A
Balance – Tart fruit followed by light chocolate
Body – Medium

ABV – 8.9%
Bitterness – 10 IBUs
Titratable Acidity – 12

Look for FLOAD to begin hitting store shelves and on tap in the Great Lakes region this week.