Freedom of ‘78 in Winter of ‘14

freedompostAt Short’s, we give our brewers unlimited creative freedom to take brewing to the limit.  In fact, our brewer’s creed requires that we be open minded to all beer possibilities in order to elevate people’s beer reality.  In this spirit, starting March 10th, Short’s brings back a fan favorite with the Michigan-only release of Freedom of ‘78: Pure Guava IPA!

Freedom of ‘78 was originally created as a collaboration with Half Acre Beer Company in Chicago, IL.  Short’s and Half Acre’s brewers met at a conference and soon realized that they shared a strong affinity for the band Ween. In 2010, they decided to get together for a Ween concert in Chicago and to make a Ween-inspired beer.  Finding inspiration in Ween’s Pure Guava album, the brewers decided to make a guava IPA.  Since then, Freedom of ‘78 has been a Short’s fan favorite specialty offering.

Freedom-of-78A medium bodied IPA with a wonderful bright clarity and pleasing bronze hue, Freedom of ‘78 weighs in at 6.9% and 70 IBU. The aroma is a unique fusion of citrus fruit combined with subtle pine qualities. The distinct characteristics of the guava nectar are impossible to miss as the sharp sweetness and slightly tart flavors snap across the palate. Comparable attributes of tangerine, nectarine, and even some faint honey flavors are detectable. The finish quickly turns to a bitterness expected of an IPA, which resonates and turns dry during prolonged tastings.