Freedom in a Bottle

On this day in 1933, the Cullen-Harrison Act, signed by President Roosevelt on March 22nd, 1933 went into effect allowing Americans to purchase beer (and wine) legally with an alcohol content of 3.2% by weight. While the act was short lived (the 21st Amendment was finally ratified by all of the states in December 1933), we celebrate this day in history as a turning point. After 13 long years, the people could finally have their beer!

Today, in honor of National Beer Day, we are happy to release Freedom of ’78.

Freedom of ‘78 (6.9% ABV – 70 IBU) is a medium bodied IPA with a wonderful, bright clarity and pleasing bronze hue. The aroma is a unique fusion of citrus fruit and subtle pine qualities. The distinct characteristics of the guava nectar are impossible to miss, and attributes of tangerine, nectarine, and even faint honey flavors are detectable. The finish quickly turns to an expected IPA bitterness that turns dry during prolonged tastings.

Celebrate your freedom to drink beer with a bottle of Freedom of ‘78. Look for six packs of this tasty brew on store shelves across Michigan this week.