It’s always a great day to be (and drink) Good Humans

Where’d 2016 go? Between beginning Great Lakes Region distribution of our beers and Starcut Ciders (if you missed the memo, you can now drink Short’s brews in Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, and Wisconsin), jumping head first into the canning arena, opening the 123 expansion at the pub, and all the experimental brews in between, it’s safe to say we’ve been busy. While change is a constant here at SBC, one thing remains the same. Short’s brews and Starcut Ciders continue to be made by Good Humans who care in Northern Michigan.

With artwork by two of the goodest humans in Northern Michigan Seth Bernard (of Earthwork Music) and Brad Kik (of Crosshatch Center for Art & Ecology), Good Humans has quickly become a Short’s-i-verse favorite. Brewed each winter to commemorate the Good Humans who’ve influenced Joe Short and the trajectory of Short’s Brewing Company, this dry hopped Double Brown Ale is a testament to the hard working people who help to make our community a vibrant place to live and work.

Good Humans (9.15% ABV – 40 IBU) was originally created to showcase one of Briess Malting Company’s new malt varieties. Originally planned as a one-off beer, it quickly became a favorite brew. Good Humans is a Double Brown Ale made with Carabrown Malt and dry hopped with Simcoe and Golding hops. The brew has sweet malty esters that are met by huge toasted caramel and toffee flavors. The finish is dry with a bouquet of hops.

In 2016 we brewed up our 5,000th production batch of beer, we melted brains with a Gin & Tonic inspired brew, we showed you the Power of Love, and even shared a bit of our hearts with the release of Aorta Ale. It’s only fitting we close out this year with a beer that embodies all we hope for in 2017; Good Humans. Our current seasonal, Good Humans is now available in six-packs and on tap wherever Short’s is sold. No matter what changes we face, here at Short’s we strive each day to be citizens focused on building our community and we hope our friends, philosophies, and brews encourage you to do the same. Remember, it’s always a great day to be (and drink) Good Humans.