Pucker up for a new Sour!

Our latest specialty release, Hopricot Sour Ale, is sure to satisfy your sweet (and tart) tooth this Halloween season. The brew is the perfect amount of puckering citrusy notes, followed by sweet apricot and tropical flavors. No tricks, just treats with this one! Pick up a six-pack of Hopricot Sour on a shelf in the Great Lakes Region this week!  

Hopricot Sour (6.3% ABV – 11 IBU – 12.6 TA) is a dry-hopped American Sour Ale with apricot. This orange-colored brew has big tart citrus aromas blended with tropical mango and papaya. Hopricot Sour leads with a puckering tartness that is soon followed by flavors of apricot and tropical hops. Light-bodied, this beer finishes tart, dry, and refreshing.

Flavor Profile
Aroma – Citrusy and tart
Malt – N/A
Hops – Tropical
Balance – Tart with a dry finish
Body – Light

ABV – 6.3%
Bitterness – 11
Titratable Acidity – 12.6

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