Hot Loins in time for Valentine’s Day

We’re all about the love here at Short’s. Many romances have begun within the walls of the pub or on a first date with Soft Parade in hand. With so much love, Valentine’s Day is always a special holiday when it comes around. In 2016, Joe made the first attempt at creating a recipe to inspire some romance by filling a beer with aphrodisiacs. Now, two years later we’re ready to take the 2018 version of this beer to the Michigan masses so they can get their own Hot Loins. This year the aphrodisiacs are abundant with goji berries believed to strengthen the adrenal system, honey prescribed by Hippocrates in ancient Greece for sexual vigor, cherries known for anthocyanins to help keep the blood flowing, and for 2018 we’ve added another special ingredient to the list, In the Mood from Light of Day Organics. Combined together, these items have created the sexiest Short’s brew yet.

Hot Loins 2018 (6.9% ABV – 15 IBU) is an Experimental Aphrodisiac Ale brewed with goji berries, honey, dark sweet cherries, and In the Mood Tea from Light of Day Organics. Deep pink in color, this romance inspiring beer carries aromas of cinnamon, berry, and roses. Medium-bodied, this beer leads with subtle flavors of spicy cinnamon before transforming into a blend of berries and herbal tea qualities. Hot Loins finishes dry with a lingering floral flavor.

Find Hot Loins on store shelves in Michigan starting this week and pick up a six pack to share with your lover this Valentine’s Day.

Read more about In the Mood by Light of Day Organics here.