Juicy Brut is your new go to beer!

We’re super stoked to release our newest flagship brew, Juicy Brut! This Sessionable Ale is everything we love about both juicy and brut style beers. It’s hoppy, tropical, and finishes dry. Juicy Brut is low in sugar and has an ABV of 4.20%, so you can crush them all day while doing your favorite activities.

Our head brewer, Tony Hansen wanted to create something unique, while experimenting with the latest beer trends. He said, “Juicy Brut is a light bodied ale that is very approachable, but has a lot going on. It has an amazing aroma that bubbles to the surface via high carbonation level. The flavor is a tricky balance of maximum hop juiciness flavor without being too bitter. The aftertaste is very clean and dry, making it super drinkable. Plus, the low sugar and low ABV make you feel good about having another, and another after that. Try it out.”

Juicy Brut (4.20% ABV – 48 IBU) is a sessionable Ale with the best of both hop juiciness and brut dryness. It has a relentless tropical aroma emphasized by the increased carbonation level. This easy-drinking beer has a light body filled with tropical, juicy flavors before finishing dry.

Flavor Profile
Aroma – Tropical
Malt – Neutral, with oat commonplace
Hops – Juicy, low bitterness
Balance – Easy-drinking
Body – Light

ABV – 4.20%
Bitterness – 48 IBUs

Look for Juicy Brut to begin hitting store shelves and on tap in the Great Lakes region and Florida this week.