Kind Ale for Kind People

kind-aleKind Ale, the most recent Short’s specialty bottle release, is a tribute to two growing sectors of the Michigan economy: hop agriculture and craft beer. Just a few short years ago, it wouldn’t have even been possible for us to craft a harvest ale in Northern Michigan, one brewed with fresh hops picked that day. However, the flourishing Michigan hop industry enabled Short’s to first brew Kind Ale in 2009 and carry on annually the tradition of spreading kindness.

Kind Ale (6.1% ABV, 56 IBU) is a wet-hopped harvest ale using hops picked on brew day and procured exclusively from Michigan hop farmers. The fresh Michigan hops impart a mellow earthiness to this ale that lead to moderate bitter tones and a subtle sweetness in the finish. With less pronounced bitterness than beers brewed with dry pelleted hops, Kind Ale is a well-balanced celebration of another successful hop growing season in the state of Michigan.

Released to retailers statewide at the end of this week, the Kind Ale label depicts Short’s Head Brewer Tony Hansen on what he has called “a really good day”. Grab a six pack of Kind Ale for many more of your own really good days!