Leave your baskets at home, we did the picking for you

strawberry (1)Summer memories for many of us here at Short’s are triggered by the tastes and smells of Northern Michigan. The sweet savour of garden fresh fruit, the earthy smell of fresh cut grass, and the buzz of bees permeate our memories of U-Pick strawberry farms across the state. Piling sweet, juicy berries atop a slice of delicious shortcake is a favorite treat of many after a summer BBQ, a scrumptious reward after a day of picking berries.

 So what could be better than a slice of Strawberry Short Cake?  Only a tall frosty glass of Strawberry Short’s Cake!

Strawberry Short’s Cake (5% ABV, 25 IBU) is a golden ale. The addition of strawberries and milk sugar transform this beer into a rose colored nectar that has hints of cream and is pleasingly sweet. Biscuit flavors and aromas arise from the great amounts of Victory malt used in the brewing process.

A specialty release, Strawberry Short’s Cake is now making its way to shelves across the state.  Like Michigan Strawberries, this beer will surely only be on shelves shortly. Pick up your six pack today!