The Magnificent Moher Stout

Moher StoutInspiration for our beers comes from many places – music, road trips, pets, loved ones, the list goes on. Add to it the majestic Cliffs of Moher, Ireland, and you have our latest specialty release. Moher Stout takes its cues from one of the most visited natural attractions in Ireland. Mirroring the velvety green blanket atop the cliffs with its creamy mocha flavors, and imitating the still, vast beauty of the ocean with its smooth and pure finish, Moher Stout transports you to another place.

Moher Stout (9.7% ABV – 30 IBU) is a medium bodied double Irish Stout, black in color with a rich brown lace.  Light roast malt and bitter cocoa aromas lead into a big creamy mocha flavor.  Aided by the addition of flaked oatmeal, the finish is exceptionally smooth, with only a slight dryness and moderate roasted bitterness.

So if you’re looking for gold at the end of the rainbow, look no further. Moher Stout is waiting to be discovered on Michigan store shelves now, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

“May you always have love in your hearts and beer in your belly.”  – an Irish Toast