Nicie Spicie: Citrus, Spice and Everything Nice!

NicieSpicieCitrus and spice and everything nice! And that is exactly what our summer seasonal Nicie Spicie is: nice! Nice for relaxing on the boat, nice for refreshing after a water ski pull, or nice for watching the sunset over Lake Michigan. It’s the perfect complement for everything summer.

Originally a homebrew recipe of Joe Short’s, this American Pale Wheat Ale doesn’t even need to be served with a lemon or orange wedge, they are brewed right into the beer! To add a Short’s twist, three kinds of peppercorns and ground coriander are added as well. The end result is a refreshing brew that has an excellent aroma of spice and citrus.

Nicie Spicie (4.5% ABV, 14 IBU), can be found on shelves today (6/2) and contains a 50/50 blend of malted barley and malted white wheat. It is packed with fresh citrus zest, then spiced with the spice blend. This light bodied ale is complex yet scrumptious and is presented with a gorgeous golden color.

Pick up your 6-pack today and hit the water. Enjoy the sun and the waves, but don’t get too excited and forget your SPF. Remember, you have to drink up those golden rays responsibly.