Obliviate beams back from outer space

Beam me a glass Scotty! Obliviate has returned from the alternate dimension it was formed in; deep in the heart of an exploding neutron star, hundreds of thousands of lightyears away. Some say it was the first thing to come hurling out from the Big Bang and has been traveling the cosmos aimlessly until it landed in our brewery. Some say it exists simultaneously across all dimensions of time-space just waiting to be discovered and bottled by people who care. All we know is that it has arrived in peace and is available across Michigan in 6-packs now so make sure to grab a few before the inevitable heat-death of the universe…or before they are gone.

Obliviate (12.3% ABV – 40 IBU) is a caramel brown colored Belgian Quadrupel with fruity aromatics of black cherry and apple, alongside the looming presence of notable alcohol vapors. Sweet brown sugar and hard candy flavors transition quickly to a warming, almost hot mouthfeel. The lingering effect of the high alcoholic strength creates a slight dryness, as if it evaporates from the palate.