A Pandemonium Premier

pandyYou always hold a special place in your heart for “the originals.” Those that paved the way for those that followed. Among other beers from the early days of Short’s (think Bellaire Brown and Huma Lupa Licious) Pandemonium was born. Maybe it’s the fact that each bottle was hand-labeled, or maybe it was the satisfaction of tasting this early-brewed American Pale Ale and realizing we had a winner on our hands. Whatever the reason, here at Short’s, we have a certain affection for Pandemonium Pale Ale that can’t be shaken. It is now on shelves through September!

Pandemonium Pale Ale (6.4% ABV, 36 IBU) is a coppered-colored American Pale Ale that lends its hue to hearty two-row malts and hand selected specialty grains. Glacier hops balance the malt character, resulting in bountiful hoppy flavors and earthy aromas. Behold the bitter hysteria!

Now a member of the Seasonal Pale Ale family, Pandemonium has found its home on shelves during the mid-summer and early-fall months. So raise your glass to a tried and true American Pale Ale, hear hear to long summer days!