Taste the Passion, It’s Our Business!

Passion’s Our Business… and business is good! As the days slowly grow shorter and we’re reminded that summer will soon draw to a close, we reflect on what an #AwesomeHungry summer we’ve had brewing and sharing our fearlessly creative beers from Northern Michigan. The Good Humans here at Short’s are a ridiculously passionate bunch and our latest Private Stache brew serves as a testament to the time, energy, and creativity we pour into every keg, bottle, and can. Try Passion’s Our Business… now available at the pub and Short’s Mart!

Passion’s Our Business… (6.2% ABV – 8 IBU – 12 TA (g/L)) is a Golden Sour Ale fermented with passion fruit and aged in red wine barrels from Bonobo Winery. Slightly hazy with a golden straw color, Passion’s Our Business… pours with a white head that dissipates quickly. Aromas of tropical fruit and a slight funk are accompanied by a cornucopia of tropical flavors ranging from passion fruit to pineapple. A clean, lactic acidity at the front is followed by a finish with notes of barnyard and oak.

We hope you can taste the passion we have for our craft in each and every brew at our pub or in the field. Our brew tribute to our collective beer passion is now available in 500mL bottles at the pub and Short’s Mart. $11.99 per bottle, no limit. Taste the passion now!