Publican Porter: A Tribute to the Public House

Publican-Porter (2)A staple in our ever growing beer family, it was first brewed in honor of the owners of “public houses” that sold ale to common “port men” in the 1700s. Publican Porter will see the bottling line once again and will be distributed across America’s high five this week (starting 1/22)!

The full-flavored Publican Porter (9% ABV, 40 IBU), with a black, opaque color, has rich, decadent aromas of espresso and  biscuit like tones. The use of heavily roasted malt imparts tasty flavors of burnt coffee and dark chocolate, accompanied by a suitable and pleasant bitterness. Brewed to the traditional London Porter style, it lends itself perfectly to a friendly evening of conversation.

The colonial pub holds a unique place in our Short’s hearts, and so the Publican Porter was the very first beer brewed for the 2007 Imperial Series. Enjoy this beer while it lasts on shelves, and when you take your first sip, pay tribute to the colonial pub for establishing happy hour as a cornerstone of American culture.