Put the lime in the beer and drink Cerveza all up!

Cerveza De Julie 12 x 12 sign (12)The Short’s team is an outdoor lovin’ kind of company! We don’t shy away from 5 a.m. water ski pulls or 27 mile kayak trips. In fact, we embrace them wholeheartedly. So, when our head brewer Tony Hansen was kayaking with his wife Julie, they were chatting about a good old fashioned summer beer that would pair perfectly with outdoor exploration. Since Julie is a big fan of another macro beer that often gets lime added in when it’s hot, Tony decided to give it a go and create the Short’s spin on a summer classic- the Mexican Lager.

Cerveza de Julie is a pale yellow Mexican Lager brewed with real lime and weighs in at 5% ABV and 37 IBU. Delicate yeasty aromas gather quickly from the ample amount of carbonation in this lighter bodied beer style. Soft grain sweetness enhanced by unobtrusive lime qualities bring out a subtle snappy tartness, which turns mildly bitter before a crisp refreshing finish.

So, whether you are packing up your gear for a summer hike or squeezing into your wetsuit for a sunset pull on a more chilly Northern Michigan evening, grab a Cerveza to keep you refreshed and in the summer spirit! Cerveza de Julie is on shelves but won’t be around long, so make sure to stock up fast. Oh, and this year it’s coming out in 12-packs, the perfect number to share with your 11 closest friends. Cheers!