Celebrating 14 years with Revels Mondo

We consider ourselves lucky to love where we live and what we do every day. Surrounded by fresh water, forests, trails, orchards, farms and more, we’re constantly inspired to get outside and explore. Reveling in the awesomeness around us is even better with a beer in hand. We’re excited to celebrate 14 years of sharing beers with you both near and far with this special 14th Anniversary Party Private Stache release.

Revels Mondo is a barrel aged blend of Mixed Fermentation Sour Ales with local cherries from King Orchards. Pink in color with a light pink head, the color matches the funky tart cherry pie aromas. Light bodied and with a smooth mouthfeel, this beer is approachable and refreshing. A blast of tart cherry greets the drinker initially before featuring funky Brettanomyces flavors. Revels Mondo finishes with notes of toasted malt and tart cherry.

Many bottles of this brew have already been sold and are now awaiting pick up in downtown Bellaire, but a limited amount remain and will be available for purchase today at Short’s Anni Party 14! Join us, celebrate, and revel in the past 14 years of Short’s brews.