Short’s 90 BBLS Elk Rapids Addition

The 90 bbls Tank Video Is Here!

Back in 2004 when Joe Short opened Short’s Brewing Company in the old Bellaire Hardware Store using a 7 barrel (bbl) brewing system, he believed that unrelenting standards of excellence would allow him to one day carry his vision to a much larger audience. Joe’s original business plans from 2002/2003 contain several statements that have held true to Short’s through the years, like: “be outrageous, dignified and delicious.” Joe understood that if these principles were maintained, we would draw people who appreciate quality.

As Short’s has grown, we have maintained our core belief in the “Power of the Smallness” — that the art of making truly world class craft beer can be best achieved on a small scale at the local level. At the same time, when you make truly exceptional beer, people will want it! Lots of it! So, in 2009, we began operating a production-only facility in Elk Rapids to meet the dual objectives of increasing production while retaining our exacting standards and “Power of the Smallness” mantra. Over the past two years, we have designed and developed our Elk Rapids production facility to accommodate these objectives. While our Pub in Bellaire continues to brew its own beer, the Elk Rapids facility brews beer for both bottling and keg distribution to the rest of the state.

Back in October, we received 4 new 90 bbl tanks designed specifically for Short’s and built by Sprinkman Mfg. in Wisconsin. These new tanks hold 3 batches at once and are classified as unitanks, which means that they enable us to ferment, carbonate, and package beer from the same tank. As awesome as these tanks are, getting them into our plant presented a logistical challenge. Since they didn’t fit through the door, we had to take the roof off the building and “drop” them in. The 90bbls tanks are now at full production capacity.

We are truly humbled by the support of our loyal friends, family, and all the loyal Short’s fans that have made our success possible. So, it is to you that we dedicate our video tribute to our new 90 bbl tanks. Thank you!