Short’s Brewing Co. 2021 “Super Hoppy Holidays” Variety Pack Packs a Punch of Bitter Awesomeness

Elk Rapids, Mich. – Leaves and temps aren’t the only things dropping in Northern Michigan this weekend.

Short’s Super Hoppy Holidays 2021 Edition is slated to hit retailers in Michigan October 31 and will arrive across their distribution footprint the week of November 1. And while this pack makes an excellent holiday gift for the beer lover in your life, it’s ready to open and enjoy immediately, so maybe grab a couple.

Short’s most ambitious pack yet, the 18 pack of six varieties returns this year in 12 oz cans with fan favorite IPAs like Juicy Tree (9.3% abv), an experimental IPA featuring hand-harvested spruce tips, juniper berries, and cranberries; the triple dry-hopped 9.1% Double Psychedelic Cat Grass IPA, and Yoda’s Blend IPA (7.4% abv). Never one to shy away from innovation, Short’s will debut three brand new beers in the pack as well. Humongous Huma, a variation on flagship Huma Lupa Licious, is the only triple IPA in the pack and clocks in at a whopping 12.7% abv. Other newbies include Double MMMKay; a double India Pale Lager at 8.9% abv, and Snow Globe; a double hazy IPA at 8.1% abv.

No small feat for the mid-sized Michigan Brewery, planning this release is a huge undertaking, starting with a summer spruce harvest in June. Plus, massive beers like these take up lots of tank space for a long time, and variety packs take a ton of time to package. To prepare for this large run, Short’s has upgraded their pack line to include longer lanes with plans to release more variety packs in 2022.

“It might be a big undertaking, but each year we can’t wait to bring classic, or new, IPA recipes we want to feature to the table, so it is totally worth it. Many of these beers would only be available as Up North exclusives or at beer fests, so sharing them with our entire footprint gives our friends in all states a chance to experience some serious Short’s IPA innovation. And, we just love having something extra special around the holidays to enjoy with our friends and family.” Pauline Knighton-Prueter, Chief Sales Officer stated.

The Super Hoppy Holiday variety pack will be available this weekend in retailers across the midwest (Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin) and Colorado. This is a super limited release, so if you see some, you better get it.