Short’s to Short’s 2010!

Alright Short’s Fans! As you’ll recall, we announced that we’re going to have our 2nd Annual Short’s to Shorts Paddle to celebrate our 6th Year Anniversary Party coming up on May 1st, 2010.

The 2010 Short’s 2 Short’s Paddle is the day before the Anniversary Party. Bright and early on April 30th. That’s a Friday, so plan accordingly now.

In order for us to accurately gauge the turnout and also to keep things organized, we ask that you please complete the entire registration form below and make sure you hit “submit” at the bottom of the registration form.

For a larger PDF version of the map, click here.

This is an annual event to symbolize the efforts we put forth to bless this area and the great lake state with Short’s Brew! In that regard it would only be appropriate to develop an event that makes several connections to honor six years of business and our first year in the production facility.  There is a lot of water between Bellaire and Elk Rapids.  Water makes beer, water sustains life, and water has lots of twists and turns.  It’s the perfect connection to tie the Village of Bellaire (Short’s Pub) and the Village of Elk Rapids (Short’s Production) together via water.  The quest is a testament of the discipline, endurance, pleasure and reward we might think to associate with our last 6 years of operating Short’s Brewing Company.  Sometimes it can be rough, torturous and crazy, and others calm peaceful and serene.  The Short’s to Short’s paddle covers it all!

This year we’ll be having some help organizing the event. Kevin Karpinski of Green Planet Extreme Adventure Sports will have shuttles, kayaks and gear available for rent as well as lodging assistance.

We are also anticipating the help of our local commerce to commemorate this by opening their doors and selling food and Short’s Brew along with other provisions. Those participating:

Shanty Creek Schuss Mountain – Shanty’s offer to any potential Shorts to Shorts and Anniversary Party patrons. Please remember this is per room, not per person…and that SCR lodging guests can use the shuttle service, to safely travel between Shanty and Shorts.  SCR is offering a $99 run of house room rate in the Lakeview Hotel, which means that you can get a guest room or king deluxe for the same price, subject to availability.Promo Code “SHORTS”

The Dockside – Where clam River meets Torch Lake – restrooms, coffee, food, bloody Mary’s, and of course Short’s Brew, high fives and good times. They will open at 10 AM if folks need to use the restroom and will also be offering a “Short’s Special” that afternoon.

Pearls – Will be featuring a Short’s Special. Check it out!

The Clam Shack – Clam River (Dewitt Marine)

The Dockside (Clam River/Torch Lake)

Fabianos on the River – Will have porta potties, as well as a store for supplies you might need for the rest of the trip, great sandwich’s

The Riverwalk (Elk Rapids a good place to finish as it’s “on the river”)

Pearl’s (Elk Rapids)

Short’s Brewing Company – Elk Rapids – open from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. for checkin out, and re-grouping with your posse.

Short’s Brewing Company – Bellaire (the next day May 1st) our friggin’ sixth year anniversary party! (details on our website)

Paddle details:

  1. Register Online below
  2. April 30th 2010.
  3. 7:00 a.m. Pre Launch gathering behind Fisher Insurance in Bellaire (just down from the brewery) at the public launch.
  4. 7:30 Photo shoot with all the paddlers
  5. 8:00 a.m. launch
  6. Keep it simple, safe, and fun. Do your research, have a plan.
  7. Know your limit and anticipate a drop out point if needed.  The map shows several and most have room for several cars and trailers if car pooling/shuttling has been devised among you and your party.  Check the weather.  If it’s windy and cold the open water stretches may change your final destination plans or vessel choice, especially with a head wind and big waves
    1. Clam Lake – the shortest run, but at least you get to go through the grass river natural area. It’s beautiful.  Very little open water and a lot of down stream river action.
    2. The Dockside (aka the short run) if you want to bail early and get some Short’s Brew or a bite.
    3. Alden – pretty big open water stretch. Alden is great.  Lots of room for a rest and hopefully they’ll have the porta potties ready to go.
    4. Skegemog – If you have toughed it on the open stretch on Torch the river ride will likely be a nice cool down and a chance for you to re-evaluate whether or not you want to finish the open stretch on Lake Skegemog and finish on Elk Lake.  Safety boats are still an option for bailing here
    5. There are a few spots between Alden and Skegemog you can drop out at which are not depicted on the map:
      1. i.      Torch River Bridge – where torch flows to Skegemog
      2. ii.      Rapid River – Where Rapid River flows into Torch River
      3. Come prepared – a few things you might want to consider
        1. Water and beer – should be in plastic bottles, those should remain with you until you finish or find an appropriate trash receptacle
        2. Food – If you don’t plan on patronizing any of the local check points, then you might want to bring a snack or several.  Keep your trash with you – keep our precious waters clean!
        3. Change of clothes in waterproof container and clothes for shedding or adding depending on the weather. GOOD GEAR IS ESSENTIAL FOR SURVIVING A WINDY DAY
        4. Headlamp or flash light
        5. Tow rope
        6. Life jacket
        7. Maybe a walkie talkie or cell phone
        8. Tell someone where you are at and what you are doing that day
        9. Have a pre and post paddle transportation plan – If you are not using your own vehicles Kevin from Green Planet Extreme Adventure Sports will provide shuttling as an option on the registration.

10.  You are on your own for your flotation transportation – in order to consider yourself a Short’s to Short’s Paddler; you need to have a non motorized paddle propelled vessel.  I recommend a canoe or kayak (the longer the kayak the better) open kayaks or river kayaks are not recommended.  Kevin, will also be offering rentals this year available when you register

11. Choose Your own Adventure

  1. The finish will be at the Elk River boat launch downtown ER. Shuttles or teaming up with another paddler to walk the kayaks to the production facility is recommended. The paddle will take between 8 and 12 hours depending on your gear, skill level, and pace.
  2. Developing a relay plan at some of the drop out points with a partner is recommend to those of you who are not interested in going the entire distance.  Good way to break it up and manage transportation.

12.  There will be safety boats out there offering support, those contact numbers will be available prior to launch

At the Finish – The ER production facility will be open from 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm for folks to re-group, check out the bottling facility and plan the rest of their evening.

When you register below,  let us know if you’d like to purchase a totally awesome S2S tee shirt. Click here to view the front and back of the totally kick butt shirt.

Print Friendly Version of the details (PDF)

Online Registration is closed, so if you still want to paddle send us an email. We’re doing late registrations at 6:00 am at the launch site in Bellaire behind Fisher Insurance