Short’s to Short’s Paddle 2011 Announcement

Hey Short’s fans! We have a few announcements we’d like to make, with more information to come soon. The 2011 Short’s to Short’s paddle will take place on Friday, April 29th. Be sure to schedule that day off work and join us for one of our favorite events of the year. For anyone who doesn’t know, the Short’s to Short’s paddle is an event that allows participants to paddle through the rivers and lakes that connect our Bellaire Pub to our Elk Rapids production facility. The total 27 mile trip includes three lakes interconnected by three different rivers, all of which are beautiful and challenging in their own ways. For participants interested in a less challenging day on the water, we offer several drop out points. We hope to see all of you there! Also, plan to stay for the weekend because we will be celebrating our 7th anniversary at our Pub on Saturday April 30th.