S’more Stout is here and flaming marshmallows are highly encouraged

S’mores aren’t just for summertime. We’re a fan of cozying up by a campfire or fireplace year round, roasting a marshmallow, and stacking it with chocolate and graham cracker. Well, nearly 10 years ago this dessert inspired a beer that at the time was one of the most challenging beers to brew at Short’s. Magic was made when it was topped with a flaming marshmallow by Leah at the pub. It’s been featured at Brewski Bash nearly every year since, and the rest is history.

S’more Stout (8% ABV – 20 IBU) is a complex stout brewed with graham cracker, chocolate, marshmallow, and smoked malt. The rich hearty flavors seem to take their turn as the subtle graham aromas lead pleasantly into sweet flavors of marshmallow cream covered in chocolate. All is followed by a slight lingering flavor of smoke. A flaming marshmallow garnish is strongly encouraged.

So head to the grocery store to pick up your marshmallows, matches, and six pack, and enjoy this specialty beer while it’s available. Now headed to store shelves and taps throughout the Great Lakes Region, enjoy the delectable flavors of this stout.