Spring Beer Releases

2012 Anniversary Ale

We liked our 2009 Anniversary Ale so much that we’ve made it every year since. It is a high-gravity wheat wine made with blood oranges that render an alluring purple hue. Flavors abound, ranging from the spiciness of green peppercorns to the tang of blood orange zest. Aggressive dry hop additions amplify the citrus overtones and spiciness found throughout. ‘Anni’ Ale typifies Short’s Brewing Company by embodying all the complexities that come along with another year of brewing.

Estimated ABV: 9.6%
Estimated IBUs: 76
Hops: Simcoe

The Curl

Originally released at the Anniversary Party in 2006, The Curl is an Imperial American Pilsner. It is light bodied with a clear, bright, golden color. Back in ’06, Short’s was just getting off the ground as a fledgling brewpub and Joe was the pub brewer. Although we hadn’t settled on any flagships yet, Huma Lupa Licious, Bellaire Brown, the Village Reserve, and Pontius Road Pilsner poured from our taps more often than not. One of the first pub tenders, Jeremy VanSise (nicknamed “Jerry Curl”), pitched the idea of an Imperial Pilsner. Joe fit it into the brew schedule and decided to bottle condition it in 750 mL bottles. Hand filled and labeled (with each bottle given informational hang tags), this beer was the first bottled product from Short’s Brewing Company. This is the description that Joe printed on each of the 2006 hang tags:

The Curl: Aside from it’s interesting name, this imperial pilsner is ridiculously awesome. Flaked maze and pilsen malt are the nucleus of “The Curl,” resulting in a beautiful golden hue. The wort is unbalanced with a heavy dosing of Amarillo hops, which are not typically used in pilsner. Our house American lager yeast carried out the fermentation of this kick ass brew, producing a clean delicious flavor profile.

Estimated ABV: 7%

More Bottled Brews On the Horizon

In June, we’ll switch our seasonal flagship from ControversiALE to Nicie Spicie, our refreshing Summer Wheat beer. We’re also looking forward to the premier bottle/keg release of Kolsch 45, which many of you will remember as one of our 2011 summer experimental beers. We’ve also been keeping an eye on the spruce trees to monitor their progress for the 2012 batch of India Spruce Pilsner (estimated early July, depending on mother nature). Like last year, we’ll also release Strawberry Short’s Cake (early July) and Beach Wheat (late July). As beach chair weather arrives, it is also worth mentioning that Soft Parade is tasting better than it ever has, thanks to continued process improvements in Elk Rapids. It is one of the most complex beers that we produce, and to make it on a production level year round is a massive undertaking (special thanks to Curt Guntzviller and Aaron Smith, our Elk Rapids production brewers).

P.S. – If any of you missed Joe’s “State of the Brewery Address” at the 2012 Anniversary Party, Joe said the state of our brewery is “Fantastic!” So cheers to you, Short’s Brew Supporters! It’s been another amazing year and we thank you for that.

– Matt Drake, Short’s Brewing Company Operations Manager