Strawberry Short’s Cake

One of our most popular specialty bottle releases has made its way back to stores: Strawberry Short’s Cake. Now in its 4th year as a recurring Short’s specialty brew and 3rd year in bottles, Strawberry Short’s Cake continues to inspire the imagination of what flavor profiles can be developed within craft beer.

The concept of Strawberry Short’s Cake was proposed by our Pub Brewer, Ryan Hale. Joe Short wrote the recipe and brewed the first batch in Bellaire on June 12, 2009. Leaning heavily on specialty grains called Victory Malt and Special Roast that create biscuit-like flavors, and by incorporating real strawberries and milk sugar, Joe was able to create a beer that mimicked the famous summertime desert.

Brewing three consecutive batches in Elk Rapids, we yielded 660 cases, along with 32 1/2 barrels for statewide distribution. There is approximately one ounce of milk sugar and one once of real strawberries for each 12oz bottle of Strawberry Short’s Cake produced.

The label art for Strawberry Short’s Cake was designed by one of Leah Short’s best friends, Sage Hannah. This artwork depicts exactly what we were trying to create with this beer. Literally a liquefied version of this classic dessert served up in pint glass.

We hope you enjoy this unique summer tradition. Get your hands on it now, as it won’t be back until next year.

– Matt Drake, SBC