Summer Variety Pack

Deacon BluesDeacon Blues: Deacon Blues (4.4% ABV – 55 IBU) is a hazy yellow Extra Pale Ale brewed with bold American hops, but fermented with a Belgian yeast strain.  Diverse aromas of pronounced citrus fruit with subtle layers of spiciness, are the first indication of the array of flavors stemming from this light bodied ale.  Snappy lemon qualities, along with a fresh ginger-like liveliness, flow appropriately into a grassy bitterness that’s moderately intense, but certainly not overwhelming.



Twist of CainTwist of Cain:  Twist of Cain (7.5% ABV) is a pitch black lager with notable aromas of roast, molasses and hints of sweet chocolate.  Intense flavors of rich sugary malt and dark fruit resonate with a big coating sweetness.  Coupled with a cocoa like bitterness, all of the flavors seem to linger equally and dry the palate.



Yosemite Scooter - webYosemite Scooter: Yosemite Scooter (5.5% ABV – 65 IBU) is a lighter bodied American Pale Ale with a dirty blonde color and delightful aromas of bright zesty orange, mango, and rich sticky hops. Excellent hop flavors of citrus fruit and berries blast across the palate, along with a mild earthiness. Succeeded by a moderate bitterness, the beer has a lingering fruit, rind-like quality with traces of pine.



Bucktricity Kills-01Bucktricity Kills: Bucktricity Kills (3.2% ABV – 4.9 IBU) is a light bodied pale yellow Berliner Weisse brewed with 50% malted white wheat. Notable aromas of wheat and yeast esters combine with some subtle citrus scents, creating a pleasantly refreshing nose. Delicate grain flavors give way to bright tart lemony qualities, slightly drying the palate, for an overall crisp clean finish.