Superfluid, Michigan’s best asset and a hell of a beer

The mitten state, the wolverine state, the Great Lakes state, America’s high five – whatever you call it, Michigan is pretty much the best state ever (ok, so we might be a little biased). On the list of things to not take for granted in this water wonderland is our series of freshwater lakes. They’re like our very own H2O playground, open year round for swimming, boating, ice fishing, ice skating…well you get the idea. Guess what else they’re good for? Brewing beer. Glorious, clean, crisp, tasty beer. We give you Superfluid.  

Superfluid (9% ABV – 100 IBU) is an American Double IPA with a large, but basic malt bill that explodes with resiny hop aromas! The hop flavors are the focus of this beer due to the lack of sweet specialty grains. Tasty qualities of citrus fruit and berries explode on the palate. Superfluid’s perfect bitterness resonates across the palate, complementing the awesome hop intensity.

Timed perfectly with the 40th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act, Superfluid’s inaugural release made it an ideal representation of our devotion and love for Michigan’s most abundant natural resource. This year, we’re taking the Superfluid love and sharing it with the people of Flint. February 19th, at our pub in Bellaire, a portion of every Superfluid pint or bottle sale will be donated to the Community Foundation of greater Flint, who is responding to the Flint water crisis.  With a few other establishments from across the state holding the same Superfluid for Flint fundraiser (stay tuned for more info), we can help make a difference and support our fellow humans.

So please join us in raising a glass to protecting the fresh water that surrounds us. Afterall, clean water does make better beer.