Sweet Dreams and Goodnight Bodacious

Bodacious_the_BullThere once was a bull by the name of Bodacious. Bodacious was a riding bull with a record unrivaled by any other bull in history, with a patented move that would leave riders thrown from his back in the most unforgettable fashion. With this greatness came fame and fortune but that was all lost the day a hoof infection brought down the magnificent beast.

We have a beer that has a personality similar to that of the bull Bodacious; powerful, big, and catches you by surprise. Goodnight Bodacious (9.0% ABV, 90 IBU) has the maltiness of a barleywine and the hoppiness of an India Pale Ale. A rich, hoppiness dominates the aroma, with earthy and loamy scents. A medium body presents big, bitter black barley and roasted coffee flavors, with subtle complements of dark fruit and green hops. Strong alcohol flavors and pleasant warming qualities become more noticeable as the beer approaches room temperature.

Goodnight-BodaciousOriginally going to be called “Goodnight,” to indicate that the high ABV would be enough to send anyone to bed, “Bodacious” was added implying that this beer could even bring down the most famous riding bull of all time. Starting Wednesday (2/19), you can find Goodnight Bodacious in stores across the state of Michigan. Give your taste buds a wild ride!