Another beer on the wall, Synalpheus Pinkfloydi is here

Is there anybody out there… looking for a great new sour brew to enjoy this summer? This next release is ready to rock and get down with your nerdy science-loving self. Named for the newly discovered pistol shrimp species, that was named for the infamous rock band, Synalpheus Pinkfloydi is here!

Synalpheus Pinkfloydi is a Cherry Lemonade Gose brewed with Lemondrop hops, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, coriander, lemon and Balaton cherries. With a red hue and great clarity, this summertime Gose smells of bright cherry, tart lemon, and a little salt. Despite a lengthy list of ingredients, Synalpheus Pinkfloydi has a great balance of flavors. Tart cherry and lemon complement the saltiness of a classic Gose. A dry and tart finish rounds out this easy drinking summer brew.

Now hitting store shelves throughout the Great Lakes Region, look for six packs of Synalpheus Pinkfloydi near you soon!

Read more about the inspiration of this beer and connection to the scientists who discovered this species written by our pub brewer, Lukas Whitley, here.