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Nathan Walton and The Remedy Live at the Beer Garden!

Two-time Jammie Award Winner Nathan Walton appeared on Season 3 of ABC’s American Idol, where he received a Golden Ticket and competed in Hollywood with talented vocalists from all over…

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Austin Benzing Live at the Beer Garden!

Austin Benzing is a West Michigan singer-songwriter and guitarist making a mess in the genre sandbox. His original releases boast a wide array of influences, resulting in Michigan-made country-fied progressive…

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M-22 Live at the Beer Garden!

M-22 is a musical collective of like-minded, experienced musicians with a love for classic rock, country, and Americana styles of music. From Beatles & Byrds to Merle & More, the…

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Soul Patch Live at the Beer Garden!

Formed in 2003, this dynamic blend of spirits is aged in years, miles, shows, life experiences, and a unique brotherhood that is Soul Patch. Ever changing, yet always making the…

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Heart of Gold Band: A Grateful Dead Tribute Live at the Beer Garden!

Austin Benzing & Co. present a Grateful Dead tribute show featuring a traditional two-long-set format, with a wide-ranging mix of rock, folk, blues, and country-pickin’, electric rippin’. Some of Michigan’s…

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Alex Teller Live at the Beer Garden!

With his vintage country voice & narrative lyrics, Alex Teller creates music that’s as honest & emotional as the artist himself. Born in Florida, and raised in the suburbs of…

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Splifford Live at the Beer Garden!

Splifford is a three-piece rock band with rock legend Doug “Cheif” Watkins on Bass, Stick kid Zach “Doobie” Dubay on drums, and Nathan “One-eyed” Walton on Vocals and Guitar. The…

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Brother Wolf Live at the Beer Garden!

Brother Wolf is from Michigan. This multifaceted creative, with an extensive background in communications arts (Professor of Communication Studies), has published music and art zines, as well as recorded, mixed,…

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The Driftless Revelers Live at the Beer Garden!

The Driftless Revelers formed in the second spring of the first global pandemic of the 21st century, with one ear turned toward the shellac platters and Victrola virtuosos of the…

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Genna & Jesse Live at the Beer Garden!

Genna & Jesse are defined by a unique alchemy born of quirky chemistry, intricate vocal harmonies, and ardent storytelling which infuse their songwriting and vibrant performances. With whispers (and sometimes…

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Brett Mitchell & the Mitchfits Live at the Beer Garden!

The Short’s Bellaire Beer Garden welcomes Brett Mitchell & the Mitchfits. Come ready to rock with Brett Mitchell as he sings lead from the drums, sometimes along with harmonica. The…

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Tim Jones & Jonah Powell AKA The Honky Tonk Hippies Live at the Beer Garden!

Tim Jones is a powerhouse vocalist and “Chauffeur of Soul” who has contributed to hundreds of records including collaborations with Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes, Carl Broemel of My…

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