Terr Bear and Bourbon Wizard are here. Now excuse us, it’s time to party!

Last year, we started a new tradition at Short’s Anni Party XII when we released an extra special American Sour Ale brewed in collaboration with Vulfpeck we call Compression. This year we figured that one more year calls for one more beer right? This year, our team is delighted to release not one, but TWO Private Stache brews in honor of #SBCANNIPARTY13. Bourbon Wizard, a barrel aged Barleywine and Terr Bear, a Sour Wheat Ale fermented with Northern Michigan Raspberries.

Bourbon Wizard (15.9% ABV – 30 IBU) has a monstrous malt bill, and a boil time of 6 hours and 66 minutes, which creates a dark amber color and a full-body. There is also a high residual malty sweetness of caramel and toffee. To help make this barleywine a little more balanced, and ensure that there is not an overwhelming alcohol flavor, we add raisins for sweetness and a large amount of hops.

Terr Bear (6.1% ABV – 8 IBU – 6.7 TA g/L) is a barrel aged Sour Wheat Ale fermented with Northern Michigan raspberries. Pink with a pink tinted head, this Sour Wheat Ale smells of fresh, bright raspberry with hints of oak and a slight barnyard funk. A burst of raspberry flavor is followed oak and funk. With an ample amount of carbonation Terr Bear is dry, refreshing, and very drinkable.

Available exclusively at Short’s Anni Party 13irteen, bottles of Bourbon Wizard and Terr Bear are sold out (and so is the party!). But you can take part in the celebration this week with the release of Anni Ale 13irteen! Our reimagined brew is also the first release in our Salvacious Planemo Sour Series. Anni partying friends, be sure to try it first TODAY in the streets of downtown Bellaire. This beer will be officially released to the Short’s-i-verse this Monday.

But we’re not particular. No matter if you’re sipping a Prolonged Enjoyment or kicking back with a sixer of Soft Parade, wherever you’re at and whatever you’re drinking, join us in raising a glass to 13irteen years of fearlessly creative beers handcrafted in Northern Michigan. Now excuse us, it’s time to party!