The Tale of Captain Fantasy

Captain-FantasyGrab your sabre and shoulder parrot, Michigan. Short’s Brewing Co. is releasing Captain Fantasy today! The 2013 Fan’s Choice Beer, Captain Fantasy was originally crafted as a collaboration brew with Half Acre Brewing Co. from Chicago, Illinois. Half Acre is the same brewery that we joined forces with to create Freedom of ’78 Guava IPA.

For Captain Fantasy, the brewers decided to make a saison, but wanted to dress it up a bit. They added pear and some very exclusive hops from Japan called Sorachi Ace. The result is a lighter bodied ale with a pale goldenrod color and subtle haze. Satisfying aromas of nutmeg and spice blend with bright fruity hop fragrances. A lively amount of carbonation cleanses and refreshes while leading into flavors of sweet pear, tart lemon, and pleasant herbal subtleties. The overall fruitiness is abruptly interrupted by an assertive hop bitterness that dominates the finish, turning noticeably dry.

Captain Fantasy (6.7% ABV, 55 IBU) becomes available throughout Michigan beginning today, November 27th. If you’d like to experience the Fantasy, be sure to seek it out sooner than later. This Captain is a fleeting one.