Get Your Curl On Michigan, The Curl is Now Available!

The Curl, one of the first Imperial beers ever brewed at Short’s, is back in bottles. Originally brewed at the request of former employee and current proprietor of Bee Well Meadery, Jeremy VanSice, The Curl was last released to thirsty fans in 2014. Sliding back onto Michigan store shelves this week, it’s time to get your curl on!

The Curl (7.5% – 50 IBU) was one of the first Imperial beers made at Short’s. This American Pilsner has an appealing clear, bright, and golden straw color. Faint esters of grain and aromas of fresh baked bread are prominent throughout the beer. The flavor results from the abundance of flaked maize used in this recipe. There are also hefty doses of hops that create a pronounced dryness that seamlessly blends into a crisp, clean finish.

We’re not sure what’s more impressive. The Curl (the beer) or the semi-ridiculous bartending trick that is “The Curl.” Named in honor of the pints of Short’s brew hoisted high above Jeremy’s head . . . on the end of a pole . . . balanced precariously on his chin, we are sure that The Curl is headed back to a store or tap near you! But get it fast, this American Pilsner is sure to be sold out, lickity-split!  

P.S. Be sure to visit Jeremy “The Curl” VanSice at the new Bee Well Meadery taproom in Bellaire on your next trip north!