It’s time for something a little ControversiALE

It’s almost spring (at least according to Punxsutawney Phil) and in turn, it’s time for one of our most sought after seasonal brews, ControversiALE, to make it back into pint glasses. One of Short’s oldest brews, ControversiALE, was originally brewed exclusively for the City Park Grill in Petoskey, MI. Formerly known as Hangin’ Frank, ControversiALE was named for the ghost of Frank Fochtman, a former owner of the City Park Grill who is said to have hung himself in the basement of this historic Northern Michigan establishment.

ControversiALE, FKA Hangin’ Frank, (6.5% ABV – 65 IBU) is a tribute to Simcoe hops. Simcoe hops are extremely sought after and limited, so Short’s is excited to share this brew with Michigan craft beer lovers every spring. The earthy, citrus and pine-laced aroma is instantly delectable. A large amount of toasted grains and high alpha hops form a perfect union that creates the sensation of toasted sourdough covered with grapefruit hop marmalade. While this beer is hopped like IPA, it drinks like Pale Ale. The light, refreshing qualities of this beer make it perfect for springtime.

While ControversiALE has had a bit of a troubled past by name, it’s been nothing but blue skies for the brew itself. Those who are connected to the folklore behind the original identity, raise a glass in honor of Frank. The rest of us simply embrace this brew, rich in history and wrought with flavor.

We won’t guarantee this will be the last controversy to leave the walls of Short’s Brewing Company. But we will guarantee we’ll continue to push the envelope with our fearlessly creative brews that keep you guessing, and wanting more.