Twist it up baby (Twisted Cain baby)

What happens when you twist, Twist of Cain? You get a new beer, that’s what! We twisted up the recipe for crowd favorite, Twist of Cain, and now we’re shouting about our new American Black Ale, Twisted Cain.

Twisted Cain (7.75% – 40 IBU) is an American Black Ale that pours black in color with red hues passing through the edges of the glass, topped with a creamy off-white head. This medium bodied brew leads with a pleasant roasted aroma, before a sweet dark fruitiness, that ends in slightly bitter and dry finish.

Our latest seasonal release, Twisted Cain will be delivered to stores throughout the state of Michigan beginning this week. If you’re a fan of Twist of Cain, you’ve got to give this new beer a try! Twisted Cain will be available for just a couple months. Taste it on tap at your favorite craft beer establishment or in the comfort of your own home.